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Visiting Cuba – The early days: Impressions of a 9-year-old traveler

To go to Cuba we had to go by train to Madrid then by cab to the airport and there began the trip, the plane was 9 hours and 40 minutes.

After the plane, a cab driver picked us up in a 1953 Chevrolet, and there were no seat belts! The windows were not automatic you had to do it by hand!

That night we went to a restaurant, the food was very good: rice with beans and the dish Ropa Vieja is beef, a traditional Cuban dish.

Today for breakfast in Havana there was mango, papaya, bananas and guava and guava juice, a fruit similar to watermelon. Then Felix the guide took us to visit the center of Havana. Felix told us why the Cubans stood in the middle of the road because the balconies were falling down, that made me laugh and my father did too. Then we saw graffiti of a monkey smoking a cigar with a crown.

I have made many videos of my mother.

We had sweet fried dough and it was very good.

I cut my hair, I got a lightning bolt and my father also without the lightning bolt.

Viñales we went to eat we have eaten to Creole touch there was no lobster what we wanted to eat, well then we have eaten ropa vieja again because it is very good with my mother,my father grilled fish and french fries,when we came back home there were many insects because it was humid and hot not so much how Sevilla.

We got up to eat breakfast,mango,pineapple,mango juice,coffee,tea and fried egg and we went with the cab driver to see how coffee was made and the black slaves working for the whites, after marching a little more up a very nice view but it was 1km it was very far I did not go my parents if they went I stayed with the cab driver we were playing pizza words on his mobile we went to eat invited by the cab driver bread with suckling pig I drank Cuban cola is the same as coca cola.We went to the Indian’s cave we don’t know why the guides didn’t explain it to us he told us the shapes of the walls it wasn’t interesting for my father he didn’t like the cave my mother…I don’t know.Then the best part started, the cab driver took us to a farm, let’s say, then we went on horseback, my horse was called Mojito, mine was 5 years old, my mother’s horse was 7 years old, my father’s horse was 4 years old, I don’t remember his name either, we went to a cave with horses, It took 2 hours to go to the cave, the cave had a natural pool in the dark, the water was super cold and for me it took 5 minutes waiting out of the water at last if I went in the water after taking pictures in the dark with the light that I gave us the guide of the cave took about… 15 minutes, when the guide took about 15 minutes. 15 minutes, when the guide picked us up with other people and one person who was behind but very far behind the person was very slow we had to wait for the person 2 or 3 minutes, well after that we left the cave and we got on the horse again to go to see the cab driver to go but it took 2 more hours and we took another road and it was boring but then Mojito (my horse) went in the mud and shouted – MY PANTS!! We did not go for lunch because we were not hungry.

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