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Tag - Remi

The animals of Costa Rica that I liked

Reptiles Boa constrictor: boa genus Scientific name: Boa constrictor Length: 2.1 – 3 m (adult female), 1.8 – 2.4 m (adult male) Weight: 10 – 15 kg (Female, Adult) Domain: Eukaryotic Family: Boidae Kingdom: Animalia Are boas very fast? If the boas are very fast… Nah They can’t move very fast, only 1.6 kilometers per hour in the open field...

Jade mask

(Calakmul Mask) Where have we seen it? In Campeche, a city in the Yucatan, Mexico. Who made it? It is a very ancient civilization called the Maya. Who are the Mayas? It is a very advanced people, culturally and intellectually. They lived more than 1500 years ago in Central America. What is this mask? This mask was to put on the face of the very important dead as a...