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  • Mexico’s tacos and molés

    Mexico’s tacos and molés

    I know a little about Mexico, having lived there for a few years, a long time ago. This time, we’ve concentrated on the center and south of the country only. We did:Mexico CityPuerto VallartaAguascalientes (to see friends, as there’s no point)PueblaOaxacaPlaya del CarmenMeridaCampeche Mexico is a big country, so we used different means of transportPlane,…

  • The animals of Costa Rica that I liked

    The animals of Costa Rica that I liked

    Reptiles Boa constrictor: boa genus Are boas very fast? If the boas are very fast… Nah They can’t move very fast, only 1.6 kilometers per hour in the open field. But since they don’t have to chase their food, they don’t need to move quickly. Boa constrictors can swim, but most do not spend much…

  • Visiting Cuba: The Finale

    Visiting Cuba: The Finale

    Exploring Beyond Havana & Lasting Impressions This is a long read, I know, but I didn’t want to keep you waiting any longer. I’ve already shared my preparation for this trip to Cuba with you, my first impressions, and our time in Havana. Now, I want to take you along outside of Havana in this…